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Sitex (Simple Text) outputs plain text content on the front-end without any filtering. Sitex is available for WordPress and Joomla.


DMenu is a Joomla! module that displays menus with animation effects and with design compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

Domain Finder

Domain Finder searches for domain availability in your webpage. It is released as a widget for WordPress and as a module for Joomla.

Photo Spot

Photo Spot is a photo gallery component for Joomla! 1.5. It uses various sources for input, like the Joomla! content system, VirtueMart, or other and it offers a variety of viewers you can use to present your images.

Fade Panel

Fade Panel is a module for Joomla! 1.5 that features a fade in visual effect when the user rolls the mouse over a predefined area.

Social Bar

Social Bar helps users share your website in popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.


FontSet lets users increase, decrease or reset the font size of the page. FontSet is available for WordPress and Joomla.

Multi Search

Multi Search (aka msearch) lets users make use of the inherent search facilities of various systems (WordPress, Joomla, Google, Bing, Yahoo, VirtueMart). Multi Search is available for WordPress and Joomla.

Mini Utils

Mini Utils is a collection of small and very useful programs for webmasters.

Touch Menu

Touch Menu shows menus on a website compatible to regular browsers as well as touch screen devices (smartphones, tablets). Touch Menu is available for Joomla.

Theme Expression

Web site theme/template framework for Joomla