Creative Pulse Services

Creative Pulse Services

Web Development

Creative Pulse creates applications for a large number of Internet technologies. Our favourite tools are PHP, jQuery and Ajax for developing interactive HTML5 web based services.

In Creative Pulse you can find skills for technologies used as building blocks of the foundations of the largest mainstream applications. In addition to PHP we also use C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, Objective-C, Python, Qt or other programming tools, depending on the project requirements.

We welcome you to contact us and discuss the requirements of your visionary idea.

Mobile Applications

During the past few years Creative Pulse has been experimenting with the fast developments on mobile programming platforms and languages. We are now glad to welcome you to discuss and materialize your idea for a mobile app for Android (Java based) and iOS (Objective-C based).

Desktop Applications

Creative Pulse is not tight to the Internet. Our expertise started from building applications for PCs and we still do that. We build applications for MS Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. We use .NET, Xcode and Qt or other technologies when necessary.